Chiang mai night

I think Chiang mai local people usually go out about sunset time.Β  As a traveler I had no choice even if so hot outside. Chiang mai the name sounds very calm but the city is quite busy at nights by many cars and bikes.

There is a small and casual jazz bar named ‘North East’ near the hotel Le canal boutique which I had staying. The bar name keep remained me of brand North face. γ…Žγ…Ž

Like I wrote earlier the hotel review there’s pros and cons if you stay near the jazz bar.Β This time I am talking about pros. πŸ™‚

I want to show you one of the nights of Chiang mai with short videos. Please click to my instagram.


It’s very casual and I think people love that bar. Because of the bar is near the hotel, when I’m coming back to the hotel I stopped by there. First time I went to the bar, a woman singer sang a song and people really enjoyed it. Also there were a video shooting for her at that time. Maybe she is a famous singer. The bar was crowded with people every nights.

If you can’t find the location of bar, you should search for North gate(Changpuak gate). It’s just opposite of the gate.